Live GPS Tracking

Live GPS Tracking

We provide live GPS tracking for events, races (i.e., ultra running, endurance cycling, dogsled races etc.), individual time trials, adventurers, and more!  

Live GPS Tracking offers the following benefits:
  • View all of your participants on our premium maps and cool features via a unique URL
  • Track all of your participants (simultaneously or individually) without reliance on cellular signal with our SPOT (Gen 3 and Gen 4) GPS Satellite Messengers.  We also have a fleet of cellular-based GPS trackers which connect to any LTE-M network!
  • Configurable to receive automated alerts, by e-mail or SMS, when a riders goes 'off-track'
  • Options for added safety during your event.  All tracking devices are configurable with a SOS button which is capable of notifying the race director with a message with time, location and rider info if the SOS is triggered by a participant
  • Promote your event and expand your fan base by encouraging fans and participants to "dotwatch" in real-time
How it works

When you hire us to map and track your event, we will work with you directly to make sure all of your needs are met and your questions are answered. 

Before your event
We will create full feature maps tailored to your event.  Your maps can be "free" or "fixed" routes and can be configured to display checkpoints, route markers, overnight areas etc.  For fiixed routes, all we need is the GPX file.  Custom maps are also available.  We will send you a unique URL to share with participants, friends, family, and fans!
We will create a custom form to collect your particpants' entry information.  Each particpants' information is linked to a Follow My Challenge USA GPS Tracker (or the participant's tracker if they are using their own SPOT or Garmin InReach).  Device rental and mapping fees can be paid by you (event promoter) or your paticpants.  
You will receive your labelled rental trackers about a week before your event.
During your event
Simply power on the GPS devices about 30 minutes prior to the start of your event.  We will ensure each partipant's tracker is seen and each paticpant appears on the map.  

As an event organizer, you will be given full control participants.  Add/change/modify participant data like name, start number, country or mark a participant as scratched.  Monitor every device in real-time.  You can even restart a specific tracking device, remotely!  It is also possible to receive automated alerts, by e-mail or SMS, when a riders goes 'off-track'. 

After your event
Return the GPS Trackers to us (alternatively, your particpants may return them indvidually).