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General Inquiries
Can Follow My Challenge provide GPS tracking and mapping for my event?

Yes!  Whether you are an event director, an individual attempting a individual time trial (ITT), or just someone who likes an adventure, we have you covered.  We have a fleet of SPOT Gen4 GPS trackers which integrated with mapping software loaded with features to provide a premium experiences for our clients.

I have my own tracker (a SPOT or Garmin InReach), can I use these with Follow My Challenge's mapping software?

Yes!  If you are participating in an event or challenge and already have your own GPS tracker, we can integrate it with our mapping software.  We will provide you with easy to follow instructions on the information we need to get you set up.

Can my family and friends watch my progress in real time?

Yes!  A unique URL is assigned for each event or challenge with Follow My Challenge USA.  Anyone with the link can see your progress and watch the event unfold in real time or replay!

Can I embed a tracking map into my website?

Yes!  We can provide you with an embed URL for your website.

What model of GPS tracker do you rent?

We have a fleet of the latest SPOT trackers, the SPOT GPS Gen4 Tracker.  Full technical specs can be found here.

Can rental SPOT trackers be used for communication? Are the SOS buttons active on the SPOT trackers?

Our SPOTs are not configured to allow users to "check-in" or send custom messages (although they have this capability).  The SOS buttons are active.  If pressed, the SOS button will summon emergency services and will alert a user-provided emergency contact with your location.  Users are financially responsible for any charges incurred from these services.

What type of batteries are needed for the SPOT Gen4s? How long do they last?

All SPOTs require four AAA Energizer Ultimate Lithium 8x (L92) batteries.  Battery life is dependent on several factors, but batteries last between 3.5-7 days minimum.  Full power specifications can be found here.

How does shipping work?

All SPOT tracker rentals are shipped to event directors (for mass start/grand depart events), or individuals for ITTs or challenges.  Participants are responsible to return SPOT tracker rentals within 48 hours of completion of their event.  Shipping fees are not included.

Are the rental SPOTs shipped with batteries?

Our trackers are not shipped with batteries.  SPOTs require four AAA Energizer Ultimate Lithium 8x (L92) batteries.